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Feb 24th
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Home OBA Colombo Alumni Fiesta 2011 at Taj Samudra Colombo on Saturday, 30th April 2011

Alumni Fiesta 2011 at Taj Samudra Colombo on Saturday, 30th April 2011

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The young old boys of our college in Sri Lanka are organizing a get together “Alumni Fiesta 2011” with a keen intention of uniting all the old boys to work towards bringing up the pride of our Alma mater. The Alumni Fiesta 2011 will be held at the Banquette Hall of Hotel Taj Samudra Colombo on Saturday, 30th April starting from 5.00PM.

Though annually hundreds of students pass out from our college only a handful of them are members of OBAs and participate in college activities. So this Alumni Fiesta will give an opportunity for all the old boys to meet together irrespective of whether they are members of OBAs or not. This is a good forum to Colombo and Jaffna OBAs for membership drive. 
Information Memorandum
Jaffna Hindu Alumni Fiesta – 2011

What is the need for this programme?
It has been highly commented by everyone that the young pass outs of our school do not/rarely involve in any school related activities. And not many of them are members of OBAs also. If this continues for a long future, it will result in adverse effects. Therefore we thought that we should bring all the old boys, especially youngsters together and carry out activities to develop the school spirit among the pass outs.
What are planned to be held in the programme?
It will be an event, which will recollect the school time memories that everyone would love to remember forever.
More importantly, the Youth Wing of Old Boys – Sri Lanka will be formed in this event. This committee will coordinate all the young old boys residing in Sri Lanka to carry out projects, which will have the following dual effects:
1.    supporting the school, students, the administration and the OBAs to improve further
2.    to keep the thoughts of all the young old boys close to school, so that spirit of school grows among the school pass outs.

Why did we select Taj Samudra Hotel?
Firstly we decided that this programme should be held in Colombo this time, because most of our friends who started talking about bringing up this event are apparently living in Colombo. So we thought this being the first event, it might be easy to organize the event in Colombo.

Why we selected Taj Samudra Hotel is, that this programme is a historical event because in the known past no such get together was held. And also it is the inauguration of Youth Wing, which we hope to take a long way. Therefore this event has to be grand and clearly recorded in the books. That is why we selected a star hotel in the city, which will be an added value to the event.
What do we expect from you?
We expect a crowd around 250. The menu for 250 participants will cost Rs. 750,000 (Rs. 3000 per head). In addition, we need to incur so many other costs such as arranging busses for participants from Jaffna, printing souvenir, sound and light etc. All these together the budget is around one million rupees.

Out of 250 participants, around 200 will be coming with Rs. 1000 tickets and only 50 participants with Rs. 5000 ticket. This will give us revenue of Rs. 450,000 only. Our friends in abroad have promised to give Rs. 150,000 for this programme.  There will be a shortfall of Rs. 400,000. We expect financial support from well wishers of JHC like you.

The detailed accounts regarding the programme will be made public within 48 hours after the programme via the website www.youngjhc.info

25th April 2011

Oldboys' Associations,Jaffna Hindu College.

Jaffna Hindu Communities,

Dear Sir,

Request for Sponsorship - Alumni Fiesta 2011

We, Old Boys of Jaffna Hindu College realising the need for a programme which will unite all our schoolmates again to work towards bringing up the pride of our alma mater, have come up with an idea of a get together, named ‘Alumni Fiesta – 2011’.

This programme is to be held on 30th April 2011, starting from 5 pm at Banquette Hall of Hotel Taj Samudra – Colombo. An information memorandum has been attached herewith for your reference.

We, identifying you as one of the leading personalities in the society who passed out from our school, kindly request your financial support to make this historical event successful.  Please consider this request positively at your earliest.


Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Sivapiragasham Mayoorran On behalf of the programme organising team.

Alumni Fiesta - 2011

Contact: +94 779148753


Comments (3)

Alumini Fiesta 2011
My apology for not looking up at your comments earlier on facebook. Please let me know how the fiesta 2011 went and whether you managed to meet the cost. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Please email me as I am more likely to check my emails daily than facebook. Thanks. Sivalingam.
a guest , June 19, 2011
Alumini Fiesta 2011
Dear Mr. Sivalingam, Thank you so much for your wish which adds us more strength and courage.

I am really not aware about how money could be sent to Sri Lanka from abroad. Anyway I can give the bank account number to which you can send your contribution. Would you please give me your e-mail address to send further information.

Please feel free to call me on +94 77 9148753 should you need any info.

Thanks again for the support and the intention to contribute.

a guest , April 27, 2011
Alumini Fiesta 2011
I am an old old student (1964/196smilies/cool.gifof Jaffna Hindu College residing in UK since 1969 is delighted to see what you young old students are trying to do. I am envious of what you are all organising to do since I couldn't attend. However I wish you all a wonderful Fiesta. Hope to see some photographs or video clips on line. I would like to contribute a little towards the cost but I don't know how?. S Sivalingam
a guest , April 27, 2011

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